Help Bring Maker’s Studio to the A&E Program

You may have noticed the emergence of a new Maker’s Studio at the Lauri Ann West Community Center. This area, modeled after the popular curriculum at The Children’s Museum, will be a space for our A&E students to make, play and design using “real stuff” – the same materials, tools and processes used by professional artists, builders, programmers and creators of all kinds. It is a place where physical materials and digital media resources intersect; where students will be encouraged to be curious, creative, experimental and innovative.

We need your help to better furnish and fully implement the Maker’s Studio here at the Lauri Ann West Community Center. If you are able to donate any of the following items, please contact Monica Gay or Cindy Schade at 412-828-8566 or by email at mgay@lauriannwestcc.org or cschade@lauriannwestcc.org.


Immediate Needs

2 Laptops

A printer

A Web Cam

Maker’s Studio Material Donations

Fiber art materials

Most fabrics, felt, yarn, sewing needles, ribbon, string, thread, embroidery materials, buttons.

Jewelry art materials

Beads, Wire, Clasps.

Wood scraps

Recycled/recyclable materials

Cardboard Tubes – paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes, gift wrapping tubes.

Thin cardboard – cereal and granola bar boxes.

Miscellaneous or odd items (corks, bottlecaps, clothespins, etc)

Art Supplies

Paint, pencils, markers, paint brushes, paper, ets

Wood Scraps, craft sticks, dowel rods

Take Apart

Old electronics (stereos, walkmans, DVD players, etc)

Old toys (electronic and stuffed)


Hand Tools, drill, sander, sand paper, rasps, files, clamps, screw drivers, drill bits.


We cannot accept

Electronics with glass components (televisions, scanners, etc)


Dirty or unwashed items (food containers, fiber, etc)

Very large quantities of items

Mdf or Pressure treated wood

Milk cartons

sewing practice boards


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