2017 Summer Camp Adventures!

Summer Camps for 2017 are now available! Join us for one of these fun summer camps. Again this summer, you can choose individual camps for your kids, or combine consecutive camps for a longer day of summer fun. Just pack their snack or lunch and we will provide the supervision between camps.

Search for Summer Camps by Week

Search for Summer Camps Ages 3-5

Search for Summer Camps Ages 5-7

Search for Summer Camps Ages 8-10

Or, Download the entire printed guide by clicking here.

Limited Before/After Care is available for an additional fee by contacting Cindy Schade or Jason Fate at 412-828-8566 or cschade@lauriannwestcc.org or jfate@lauriannwestcc.org.

Plus! Full Day Care the week of June 12: School’s out, but summer camps have not begun! Come and spend the day with Mr Wade and our staff in the Maker’s Studio, or playing games, reading, or being active in the gym or on the playground (weather permitting) Send a big lunch and some snacks!! Click here to register online today!

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