Teens: Do You Want to Be Stronger, More Athletic and Fit? Check Out the FLEX-Brain Study.

Do you want to be stronger, more athletic, more muscular? Do you want to lose some weight? Have you always wanted to work with a trainer and nutritionist? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be eligible to participate in an innovative research study called FLEX-Brain. FLEX-Brain is a program run by internationally known experts from the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC who are interested in better understanding the relationship between the brain and weight. As part of the program, a team of experts will develop a personalized plan to help you become healthier, stronger and more fit.

You will also receive: 6 months of free access to a nutritionist, trainer and the Lauri Ann West Community Center fitness center; use of a personal Fitbit to track your steps; brain scans and assessments that will give us an idea about the way your brain affects your weight.

Those ages 12-17 may be eligible to participate in this study. Sessions will be held at the Community Center. Participants will also be required to make two visits to Oakland and can receive up to $190 for participation.
Interested? Contact Dr. Dana Rofey or Dr. Nermeen El Nokali at 412-383-8136 or email elnokaline@upmc.edu.


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