News from the Community Center – July 17, 2020


We understand that not everyone is comfortable using the fitness center or coming to a group ex class. We’ve made some changes to our personal training experience that might be helpful if you’re looking to get back into your fitness routine, but don’t want to be around a lot of people just yet:

  • PT clients use a dedicated entrance and exit in the back of our building.
  • All sessions are held either in the gymnasium or on our patio to ensure maximum social distancing.
  • Equipment has been moved into the gymnasium to be used exclusively by PT clients. Each client has a dedicated station of equipment for their session and everything is thoroughly sanitized between uses.
  • Personal trainers wear masks at all times. Masks for members are optional during their session.

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We have spots left in all of these half day camps starting Monday, July 27:

  • Gemini Theater, where young actors can choose their own characters and put them all together into an original story, which they write, rehearse and perform as a mini play on the last day of the workshop.
  • Mad Science Eureka! Inventors, letting kids overcome a series of challenges and create catapults and forts, build shelters, bridges, and learn about density. 
  • UK International Soccer, with age appropriate groups that will encourage players’ technical development and skill building in a positive environment.

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These last few months, with the heaviness all around us, it doesn’t feel like our kids have been able to just be kids.

This is why it’s been such a delight for us to see our playground busy and hear kids having fun in the classrooms. What’s even more rewarding is hearing from families about how happy summer camp has made them and their kids. Things like, “No matter what happens with school this year, at least we had this time where she could safely be with other kids and have fun.”

This fun is possible because of generous and caring members and donors like you. Thank you!



From the Fox Chapel Area High School Counseling Department:

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to stay in the present and remember what things are in our control and what we can’t control. We need to constantly work on rewiring our brains to focus on what is happening right now and not what happened last week or what could happen in the future. Take a look at this image and then add some of your own ideas to the list. When we begin to focus on what we can control, we begin to release some of the fear, anxiousness, and negativity of the past and future. 

 “When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.”  – Unknown



Save your school clothes and shoes to donate to Second Harvest in Sharpsburg!

Our friends at Second Harvest are thrilled to announce their Back To School pop up sale on August 15. Shop for new and gently used clothes and shoes for students 5-18 under the big tent in their parking lot! Clothes and shoes can be donated on July 29 and August 5 from 4-8pm at Fox Chapel Plaza or July 30 and August 6 from 9-11am at Roots of Faith (800 Main Street, 15215). Learn more about this event


We’re always assessing how we can deliver a great experience to our members and provide for our community. If you have ideas or questions, let us know about them! Email Us.