Maker Studio Materials List

The Lauri Ann West Community Center’s Maker Studio is a space where kids, and adults, can create and learn. Thank you for helping us keep the space stocked and ready for any project. The following are materials that we can use for upcoming masterpieces:

Fiber art materials

Most fabrics, felt, yarn, sewing needles, ribbon, string, thread, embroidery materials, buttons.

Jewelry art materials

Beads, Wire, Clasps.

Wood scraps

Recycled/recyclable materials

Cardboard Tubes – paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes, gift wrapping tubes.

Thin cardboard – cereal and granola bar boxes.

Clean cardboard boxes

Rigid Plastic containers and other interesting plastic bits

Miscellaneous or odd items (corks, bottle caps, clothespins, etc)

Art Supplies

Paint, pencils, markers, paint brushes, paper, etc

Wood Scraps, craft sticks, dowel rods

Perler Beads

Misc Crafting supplies (craft kits, silk flowers, etc)

Take Apart

Old electronics (stereos, walkmans, DVD players, etc)

Old toys (electronic and stuffed)


Hand Tools, drill, sander, sandpaper, rasps, files, clamps, screwdrivers, drill bits.


We cannot accept

Electronics with glass components (televisions, scanners, etc)


Dirty or unwashed items (food containers, fiber, etc)

Very large quantities of items

Mdf or Pressure treated wood

Milk cartons