Wade Kramm

Meet Mr. Wade

You may already think that you know Mr. Wade, the lead instructor for the Center’s A&E Program and Maker’s Studio. However, did you know that in his life outside of the Lauri Ann West Community Center, he is an established and recognized artist?

Since graduating from Rhode Island School of Design in 2002, Wade has exhibited his work nationally and abroad, including shows in Berlin, Uruguay, Italy, and a permanent installation at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum. Wade is knowledgeable about a wide variety of subjects including: Sculpture, early film and animation devices, gears and mechanisms, pop-up books, shadow puppets, and architecture. Examples of his art can be seen here:  www.wadekramm.net (or, check out some of the photos below)

What makes Mr. Wade a world-class instructor and leader is his ability to present activities that engage, stimulate and encourage children to explore and think creatively. Students in A&E and Maker’s Studio are able to participate in the creative process and marvel at finished products that are often more grand and professional than they ever imagined.