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2019-2020 Individual Donors

Grace Abbs
Rich and Debby Adamo
Larry and Susan Adams
William and Holly Adams
Elizabeth Allen
David Allerton
Suzanne Alexander
Anthony and Ashley Allison
Dan and Susan Altman
Kathryn Ambrose-Sereno
Joan Ammer
Heath and Lisa Asbury
Julian Asenjo
Karin Asher
Natalie Austin
Chester and Mary Louise Babst
Rebecca Bachman
Jennifer Bain
Surinder and Jagdeep Bajwa
Kent and Renee Baldauf
Kyle and Courtney Balliet
Ian and Kathryn Barbash
Watson and Allison Barker
Richard and TingleBarnes
Scott and Corina Barnett
Susan Bartlett
Robert and Kimberly Bartolacci
Jeffrey and Robin Baum
David and Christine Bennett
Leanne Usher Bentz
Randy and Elleni Berger
William and Deborah Berner
Mallory Bernstein
Henry and Hope Beukema
Rose Bienkowski
Angel Bilbao
Tracy and Lisa Biondi
Diana Biordi
Charles and Shelley Bitzer
Janice Black
Milton and Judith Black
Adri and Elizabeth Bleier
Robert and Maryrose Block
Fran Bolanis
Jeff and Gina Boleng
Joe and Allison Bonidy
Drake and Rosemary Bosler
Ronald Brand
Tara Branstad
Steve and Eileen Brazinski
Lori Brenner
Elizabeth Brown
Ross and Theresa Brown
John and Lauren Broyles
Jim and Carol Broz
Ricco Brusco
Bart and Alison Brush
Brad and Tiffany Buchanan
David and Deborah Buchman
Ann Buechli
Donald and Deborah Burke
Gail Burke
Heather Burton
Joyce Bussler
Ronald and Geraldine Butera
Frank Calandra, Jr.
Joe Calihan
Richard and Jackie Cagley
Kelly Cannon
Arlene Carbone-Wiley
David and Elyssa Carcy
Ann Carey
Andy and Julia Carlson
Greg and Elizabeth Carter
Albert and Amanda Carvelli
Sean and Patty Casey
Donald and Gloria Casey
Mary Champlain
John and Maggie Charley
Jane Charlton
Neil and Kim Chrisman
Ed Chu and Laurie Harrold
Suleyman and Fatima Ciloglu
Edwin and Katie Clarke
Derek and Lauren Coatney
Alex and Tonja Condron
John and Jaqi Conomikes
Jill Constantin
Robert and Mary Ann Cooper
Debra Coulson
Kelly Coyne
Adam and Bridget Cratty
William and Michel Crawford
John and Anne Crawford
Kathleen Crock
Jack and Tracy Crocker
John and Laurie Culbertson
John and Leah Cullen
Marybeth Dadd
Joyce Dailey
Stephan and Bonnie Dake
Patricia Dalby
Gilbert and Miriam Damico
Timothy Dancy
Bryson and Sarah Datt
Ryan Davids
Anita Davis
Shea Davison
Alexander and Flavia Davit
Dan and Dee Delaney
Tom and Heather Delaney
Joe and Joyce DeLuca
Marlee DeLuca
Marie Louise Demchak
Jack and Cathy Demos
Ryan and Bonnie Demotte
Richard Denny
Jim and Lynne DeStout
Michael Dickens and Andrea Sciolla-Dickens
George Dieffenbach
Michael and Dawn DiPasquale
Anthony and Margaret DiPasquale
John Dolhi
W. Cleland and Sharon Dowler
James and Sharon Drake
Speros and Marie Drelles
Mark and Giselle Dudek
Annette Duensing
Patrick Duggan
Terry and Mary Jo Dunlap
Jakob Dunn
Dr. Richard Easler
Sherry Ehrlich
Bryan and Kathleen Elder
Johannes and Libby Ernharth
Jared and Anna Ettinger
Rafic Farah and Genevieve Attie
Christine Farrell
Jason and Jessica Fate
Michael and Janet Fazzini
Michael Feeney
Bill and Amy Felman
Keith and Lisa Fenton
Robert and Laura Ferris
Rich and Gabe Ferry
Michael and Heather Fiedler
Janis Fink
James Finley
Michael and Joanna Flanagan
Roberta Flecker
Harry and Barbara Fleishman
Jen Fleming
Andrew and Amy Fletcher
Kent and Nancy Foster
Ellen Fowler
Barbara Frey
Tom and Kathleen Freyvogel
Charles and Kathy Friday
Reanette Frobouck
Frank and Heidi Fuhrer
Frank B. Fuhrer III
Scott and Leanna Fuller
Jill Fusaro
Jessica Gabler
Zach and Jennifer Gamblin
Norb and Rebecca Garbisch
Alvaro and Sandra Garcia-Tunon
William and Kathleen Gavlak
Bruce and Monica Gay
Ruth Gee
Charles and Patricia Gempe
Bruce and Amy Giammattei
Jimette Gilmartin
Bob and Judy Goehring
Bob and Sue Golier
Adam Golomb and Dana Rofey
Adam Goode and Susan Buchman
Lance and Cristie Good
Robert and Carolyn Gould
Leslie Graciano
Sean Gray
Richard and Dana Green
Cora Greim
George and Judy Grune
Som and Sadhana Gupta

Stephanie Hackwelder
Eric and Brianna Hager
Lori Hahalyak
Walt and Margarita Halasowski
D.J. Hammerschmidt
Michael and Judy Hannon
Sean and Emily Hannon
Emily Harris
Isaac and Natalie Harris
Cindy Harris
Brad and Gretchen Harrison
Gajanan and Sarveshwari Hegde
Gary and Suzanne Heitzenroder
Cliff and Jean Hendry
Jeff and Heidi Herald
Mondy Herndon
Alex and Tina Hershey
Elias and Lisa Hilal
Robert Hill
William Holtz
Anne Houston
Allan and Janet Hribar
James and Bettyanne Huntington
Dr. Hurite
Renny Hutton
Brad and Meg Huwar
Robert and Lisa Hyland
Claire Inglis
Richard and Tija Jacob
Will and Jeanne Jacobs
Bruce and Angela Jacobs
Donald Jacobson
Craig Jahnke and Sharon Goldstein
Bob and Celeste Janosko
Yu Jiao and Xiangru Li
Bill and Margot Johnjulio
Matt and Anne Johnson
Frederic and Christine Johnston
Thomas Jolly
Chris and Meghann Jones
Alex and Michelle Jones
Jack and Susan Kabazie
Jan Kahler
Bud and Jane Kahn
Jarrette and Renee Kalp
Richard and Kristen Kalson
Matt and Delia Kampner
Shravan and Gauri Kapoor
Dr. Barry Kart
Joseph and Autumn Katarincic
Mary Katz
Jared and Marcy Kaufman
Tarey Keast Stocker
Pamela and James Keen
Vandana Kekre
Mark and Cathy Kelly
Ryan and Danielle Kemick
Patrick and Alison King
Carole King and Chip Burke
Ron and Anne King
Paul and Diane Kiproff
Joe and Jen Kissane
Erich and Trish Klatt
Alan and Paula Klein
William and Kimberly Knox
Norman Koehler
Ken and Deborah Kotchey
Mary Kremser
ShihFan and SingLing Kuan
Peter Kubiska
Lawrence Kuhns
Dan and Laurie Kwiatkowski
Joan Lakoski
Jerome and Leah Lang
John and Amy Larsen
Peter and Sophie Lau
Adrienne Lear
Joellen Leech
Steve and Sara Leone
Jason and Meredith Levy
Greg Lewis
Donald and JoAnne Lightner
Sanford and Susan Littwin
Louis and Loretta Lobes
Richard and Laura Loeffler
James and Mimi Loeffler
Peter Lucas and Linda McAllister-Lucas
Simon and Janine Lucey
David and Margo Lyle
James and Karyn Lynch
Ruth MacKay
Rich and Jennifer Mackey
Brian and Kristie Madden
Betsy Magovern
Dan and Heidi Magrish
Dr. John C. and Mrs. Mary Ellen Maher
Van Mai
Lisa Maillart
Mark and Karin Manovich
Jill Markl
Jan and Amy Marks
Trey and Elisa Marshall
Douglas Marshall
Jennifer Martin
David and Luci Massaro
Iain Matthews and Victoria MacLaren
Karen Matthews
Lorrain Matz
Denise McCarthy
Timothy and Kimberly McCarthy
Amanda McClelland
Iain McDonald and Kari Grimsby
Kevin and Sybil McKeegan
Edward McKenna
Jeff and Leeanna McKibben
Tom and Kristen McLaughlin
Regina McLaughlin
Alexandra McLaughlin
Donna McLaughlin
Gisela McLaughlin
Rick and Sara McMahon
Leah McMorran
Julia Meade
Amy Meese
Joe and Cate Mettenburg
Richard and Ann Meyer
Louise Meyer
Mark and Elizabeth Michels
Alexander and Amy Micklow
Rebecca Miklos
Janet Milan
Linda Miller
Cecelia Miller
Harry and Tina Miller
Prakash and Shabnam Mirchandani
Heather Miske
Geraldine Momberger
Rick and Cooper Monroe
Sharon Moore
Benoir and Penelope Morel
Ronald and Donna Morosky
Alex and Faith Moser
Pat and Maggie Mulhern
Nick and Rebecca Muller
Edward and Kathryn Muller
Stephen and Loraine Murphey
John and Judith Murray
Courtney Myhrum
Alex Myint and Julia Meade
Gene and Diane Natali
James and Roberta Nicholas
Bill and Haven Nichols
Noel Nuhfer
Roisin O’Donnell
Eric and Amy Ogren
Joonas and Anna Ojanen
Alan and Jessica Olifson
Janet Orzechowski
Paul and Anna Ostrosky
Ibrahim and Ipek Ozkaya
Joel and Stepahnie Panach
Peter and Linda Parkin
David Parlour
James Pashek
Patricia Pasqua
Marcel and Caycee Pastoor
Michael and Rachel Patnik
Paul and Charity Patterson
Julianne Patterson
Lurline Pavlovich
June Pegula
Brian and Jessica Pekarcik
Jennifer Pennock
Kevin and Ellen Perez
Shamus and Rachel Petrucelli
Devin and Trisha Phillips
Shirley Phillis
Rick and Cathy Pieper
Derrick and Andrea Pinney
Francis Pipak
Stephen and Barbara Piskor
Justin and Kathy Pizzella
Rob and Dawn Pogue
Adam and Amy Polcyn
Hank and Linda Pool
Doug and Karin Potoka
Colin and Kirsten Powell
John and Kimberly Power
Fran Pugliese

Chris and Kim Quimby
Kevin and Kimberly Quijano
Kevin and Emily Rabbitt
Geoffrey and Kathleen Radkoff
Robinson and Danielle Ramirez
Richard and Margaret Ranii
Catherine Ravella
Adam and Katherine Redling
Nancy Reese
Ken and Kathleen Regan
Lee and Barbara Reichbaum
Scott and Anne Reid
Walter Reineman
Ellen Remaley
Jeffrey and Jamie Rhoades
Brandon Rhoades
Timothy and Valerie Rice
Eileen Rice
Rebecca Ringham
Brian and Laura Ritz
Jodi Roberts
Joseph Robinson
Mara Rodosky
Jim and Sharon Rohr
Cynthia Rollinson
Kevin and Lisa Romango
Richard and Jennifer Romero
Michele Roper
Julie Rost
Mark and Rhonda Rothert
Heidi Roup
Michael and Amy Ruane
Thomas and Jill Ruppel
Tony and Paige Ryan
James and Kelly Sample
Scott and Carolyn Sanford
Enzo and Tammy Santilli
Eric and Rene Sauereisen
Karl and Laura Sauereisen
Bob and Joanne Saunders
Donna Schano
Stefan and Elizabeth Scholz
Jolie Schroeder
Alex and Cris Scott
Arthur and Debbie Scully
J. Patrick and Barbara Scully
Edward Seifert
Sarah Shaffer
Jennifer Shang
George and Megan Shaw
Andrew and Aglae Shaw
Dr. Sheptak
Ed and Kim Siddons
Jane Siddons Herrmann
Richard Sikon
James and Jessica Simms
George and Ivanete Siple
Aaron and Cory Siri
Carl and Mary Beth Sirio
Eric Skvarla
Michael and Kimberly Skvorak
Thomas and Janet Smith
Bob and Maria Smith
Ryan and Shannon Smith
Allen and Mary Ann Snyder
J. Brandon Snyder
Margaret Snyder
Elisabeth Soose
Gina Spangenberg
Deborah Sparks
Jason and Naomi Sperry
Kate Sphar
Sukanya Srinivasan
Balaji Srinivasan
Michael and Amy Srodes
David and Beth Stackhouse
Sheila Stagnitta
Bill and Hayley Staley
Stephen and Sarah Stallings
Matt and Heidi Stanczak
Rob and Erin Stauffer
Marianne Stein
Christopher and Jeanne Marie Stephens
Rachel Stevens
Robert Stiffler
Bruce and Jean Stone
Detcho and Valentina Stoyanovsky
Harry Stump
Michael and Judith Sullivan
Ramana Surampudi
Stephen and Jodi Susnak
Matthew and Ashley Swanson
Mallary Swartz
Marcia Swartz
David Sweitzer
Amy Szalinski
George and Cynthia Tabor
Christopher Taylor
Wesley and Elizabeth Tell
Susan Thibadeau
Linda Thier
Lynn Thompson
Judy Thompson
Kevin Thrower
Beth Tirio
Becca Tobe
Andrew and Susan Trageser
John and Nancy Traina
Chris and Sibel Trice
Jeffrey and Lauren Troutman
Margo Troutman
Chris Tsai and Laura Kisloff
Micaela Tucker
Matt and Elissa Tunno
James Uber
Elizabeth Ubinger
Greg and Dina Valant
Michael Van Leer
Steve and Katie Vautrain
Curt Vazquez
Joseph Vickless
Manuel Villa
Craig and Jane Viti
Brian and Shannon Vukmir
Keith and Beth Vukmir
Beth Wainwright and Russ Kemerer
Thomas Walker
Kevin and Sarah Walsh
Robert Walters
May Wang
Dr. and Mrs. Edmond C. Watters
Britton Wean
R. John and Susanne Wean, III
Erika Weaver
Jason and Anya Webb
Ingrid Wecht
David Weinstein
Ty Weis and Solveig Berg
Jason and Jenica Welsh
Linda Welsh
Thomas Welsh Jr. and Joanne Steele Welsh
John and Moni Wesner
Stephen and Dana West
James and Lauren White
Lauren White / A White Cake
Kathleen Whiteaker
John and Paula Wight
Clayton Wiley and Arlene Carbone-Wiley
Dillwyn and Agatha Williams
Beth Williams
Brian and Katherine Williams
Patricia Williamson
Teresa Wilson
Tom and Janice Wilson
Al and Kathleen Yarzebinski
Bob and Holly Zulick

2019-2020 Organization Donors

ABARTA Coca-Cola Beverages
Advantage Sport & Fitness Inc.
Allegheny County Library Association
Ampco-Pittsburgh Charitable Foundation
Aspinwall Everyday Gourmet
Babb Inc.
Bank of New York Mellon
Bella Christie and Lil’ Z’s Sweet Boutique
Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka
The Burke Foundations
Charles R. Burke Jr. Foundation
Burns White Attorneys at Law
Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, LLC
The Cooper-Siegel Family Foundation
Delaney Automotive Group
Donnelly-Boland and Associates
Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation
Fox Chapel Garden Club
Frank B Fuhrer Wholesale Co.
Giant Eagle
Giuffre Law Office
Gluten Witch
Green Prints Inc. Landscaping & Design
Huntington Bank
Mark’s Chocolate, Catering, and Confections
The Milton G. Hulme Charitable Foundation
Pittsburgh North Optimist Foundation
Powell Mechanical Inc.
Primanti Brothers
Print Tech of Western PA
The Rockwell Foundation
The Rosewood Foundation
Simpson | McCrady
Smiles by Smith Orthodontics
UPMC Health Plan