Rain Barrel Workshop

with Pennsylvania Resource Council

Learn how to practice watershed protection and conservation in your own backyard. It’s easier than you think! Rain barrels are a great way to conserve water, to supply non-chlorinated water for gardening, and to keep excess water out of the stormwater system, thus alleviating some of the stormwater issues plaguing the region. Workshop attendees will learn about the problems associated with stormwater runoff, ways to conserve water in their homes, and watershed friendly landscaping techniques. Participants will receive a pre-made FreeGarden RAIN 55-gallon rain barrel. Designed with the homeowner/gardener in mind, it is affordable, attractive and easy to install. Cost: $80 per person or $85 per couple (pre-registration is required). For information and/or to register, email compost@prc.org or call 412-488-7490 x226 for the PRC WEST Office.

Ages 18+
One Saturday: April 14
10:30 AM-Noon