Gadget Hacking – Electronics for Kids

with Advanced Technologies for Kids owner Sorin Achim

Students will learn basic notions of low-wattage electronics and then will use that knowledge to “hack” (or perform “surgery” on) various devices/gadges in order to use them for a different purpose than the one they were designed for. Students will gain hands-on experience with real electronic parts, switches, LEDs, lamps, transistors, batteries, voltage and current electromagnets, solenoids, testers and measuring instruments and will enjoy an exciting time assembling simple electronic circuits that move, shake, light up, make sounds. Bussing from all FCASD Elementary Schools is available for this class. Parents and caregivers provide the ride home.

Ages 7-12
6 Tuesdays: September 13 -October 25 (No class October 11)
4:00-5:00 PM
Member Price: $104 (Non-Member Price: $130)

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