Story Play

with Emily Harris

In this class, your children don’t just listen to stories, they jump into them. This is their opportunity to stretch their imaginations, process the day’s experiences and frame life’s events. As they tell and listen to favorite stories, then make up fresh exciting new ones, they transform the words and feelings into images on their internal movie screen where they are the star. They become the super heroes who save the town from the menacing giant, the curious squirrel who discovers hidden treasure, the wise elder who befriends the frightened child. Adding their ideas to a group story offers the chance to practice collaboration, negotiation, literacy and language skills. Your children become their most creative selves – the #1 required skill for the 21st Century. But please, don’t tell the kids – they think they’re just playing!

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Family and friends are invited to the final session to enjoy the premiere presentation of the very best stories ever told!

Bussing from all FCASD Elementary Schools and Dorseyville Middle School is available for this class for a nominal fee. Parents and caregivers provide the ride home.

Ages: 5-12

Session One

6 Tuesdays: Sept 11th-October 16th
4:00-5:00 PM
Member Price: $75 (Non-Member Price: $92)


Session Two

6 Tuesdays: October 30th-Dec 4th
4:00-5:00 PM
Member Price: $75 (Non-Member Price: $92)

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