Story Play

with Emily Harris

Where are the very best stories found? In the unbounded imaginations of children! Each weekly session revolves around a mix of telling and listening to familiar stories, adding personal touches, playing theater games, and making an art/craft project. Totally fresh and original stories emerge from these creative activities. Besides being fun, these exercises are known to enhance language development, communication skills, connection, and collaboration.

Family and friends are invited to the final session to enjoy the premiere presentation of the very best stories ever told! Bussing from all FCASD Elementary Schools and Dorseyville Middle School is available for this class for a nominal fee. Parents and caregivers provide the ride home.

Ages: 6-9
6 Thursdays: January 25-March 1st
4:00-5:00 PM
Member Price: $75 (Non-Member Price: $92)

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