Tae Kown Do Super Hero Session

with Young Brothers Instructors

The time has come for you to begin your journey toward becoming a Super Hero in Tae Kwon Do. You will learn how to punch for protection, how to kick with control & how to defend yourself from evil villains out to do others harm.

Just as THE INCREDIBLE HULK must learn to control his anger, you must learn to control your excitement. Camp will be here soon, prepare yourself by practicing your modesty. You may begin your training today…like BATMAN, clean up your lair, listen to your parents & remember, when its time for camp, be on time, a Super Hero is never late for his or her call to action!

Ages 5-7
Monday, July 17-Friday, July 21
10:45 AM-12:15 PM
Member Price: $110
Non-Member Price: $137

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