Assemble Pittsburgh – YOU-Topia

with Assemble Pittsburgh teaching artist

The future starts with YOU. Are you ready to make the future? Got creative ideas in your brain and on your fingertips? Want to make a world that doesn’t exist yet? Join Assemble to build a YOU-Topia: the city, the culture, the technology and the experience. Bring your visions to life and communicate them with art, movies, comics and poetry. Design and sew future fashion like clothes that light up. Work in Virtual Reality, aka VR. Use real tools to make your dreams real for others to see them, too. Meet and learn from scientists, designers, technologists and engineers, and collaborate with your peers to discover how YOU can make an impact, and help design the world that YOU want to live in!

Ages 8-11
Monday, July 31-Friday, August 4
12:45-4:00 PM
Member Price: $175
Non-Member Price: $210

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