Maliheh Poorfarhani and Houman Alborzi
Suzanne Alexander
Armada Supply Chain Solutions
Tingle and Richard Barnes
Amy and Chris Bartels
Robin and Jeffrey Baum
Elaine Bellin
Shelley and Charlie Bitzer
Ethel and Bill Boag
Robert Bozzone
Susan Buchman and Adam Goode
Chip Burke and Carole King
Patricia Burke
Gail Burke
Frank Calandra, Jr.
Brenda and Joe Calihan
Carrie Casey and Bill Leemhuis
Gloria and Donald Casey
Susan and Tom Certo
Barbara and Gerald Chait
Yvonne Chia and Scott Story
Mary and Jay Cleveland
Nancy and Steven Cohen
Tonja and Alex Condron
Jaqi and John Conomikes
Naomi Weisberg Siegel and Eric Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Daily
Margie Damico
Bitsy and John Davis
Heather and Tom Delaney
Fran and Tom Donahue
Peggy and Jim Douglass
Sharon and Jim Drake
Mary Jo and Terry Dunlap
Christie and Greg Farrell
Diane and John Fisher
Joanna and Michael Flanagan
Stephanie Flom and Peter Oresick
Dr. Thomas Forbes
Fox Chapel Area Rotary
Fox Chapel District Association
Fox Chapel Garden Club
Frank B. Fuhrer III
Heidi and Frank B. Fuhrer, Jr.
Sandra and Alvaro Garcia-Tunon
Sue and Bob Golier
Judy and George Grune
Judy and Michael Hannon
Suzanne and Gary Heitzenroder
Carol and Thomas Henderson
Connie and Brian Hendren
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Sharon Goldstein and Craig Jahnke
Betsy and Bob Kampmeinert
Vandana and Sunder Kekre
Leslie and Douglas Kittenbrink
Rachel Kittenbrink and William Knepp
Mary Anne and Verne Koch
Mary Beth and Charles Kremser
Shannon and Ryan Smith
Sue Liken
Shelby and Russell Livingston
Christine and James Luketich
Helen Mathieson
Erica and Jeff McIlroy
Pam and Peter McIlroy
Jean McIntyre
Fritz and Jim Mitnick
Betty and Granger Morgan
Oxford Development
PNC Bank
Kirsten and Colin Powell
Betty and Larry Rich
Richard King Mellon Foundation
Sharon and Jim Rohr
Julie Rost
S&T Bancorp Charitable Foundation
Treasure and Bruce Sachnoff
Tammy and Enzo Santilli
Laura and Karl Sauereisen
Amanda and Greg Schaffer
Melissa and Kevin Scheffler
Cris and Alex Scott
Gregg Scott
Barbara and Herb Shear
Beth and Dave Short
Gayle and Bill Simpson
Maria and Robert Smith
Maggie and George Snyder
Elizabeth and Jonathan Spatz
Amy and Michael Srodes
Mary Margaret and Lloyd Stamy
Frederick Steinberg
Lauren and Adam Sufrin
James and Shelley Taylor
Bob Teeter
Elizabeth and Wesley Tell
Susan Brownlee
Milton G. Hulme Charitable Foundation
Tippins Foundation
Susie and John Wean
Susan and Bruce Weiner
Sally and Craig Wolfanger
Allison and Michael Yonas