Group Ex Classes offered:

ADVANCED/INTERMEDIATE PILATES- Learn the flowing exercise sequence of Pilates mat-work, which emphasizes total body conditioning, the stretching of your body’s core abdominal and well-being.

BEGINNER PILATES- This is the beginning level class in Pilates mat-work for those new to the method or wishing to review the basic introductory principals of the Pilates method. The concepts of alignment, breath and control will be learned, as will all of the beginning mat exercises. No prior knowledge of Pilates is required.

CARDIO CRAZE- This is a full-body workout meant to get your heart pumping by supplementing strength training with short bursts of intense cardio. Meant for all fitness levels with modifications or progressions provided for everyone.

CIRCUIT TRAINING- Circuit style group exercise classes incorporate cardio and strength exercises to work every muscle group. All fitness levels are welcome!

CYCLING/SPINNING- Lose your worries and gain endorphins in this exhilarating cycling class. We turn down the lights, turn up the volume and begin a journey of pushing your limits while climbing hills, sprinting to your personal goals, and coasting toward an elevated state of mind and body. Challenge your cardiovascular system by using the cadence sensor to track your progress, or simply ride at your own pace in an enlivening atmosphere.

CYCLE SCULPT- Rise and shine with a unique mix of cycling and strength exercises on the floor that will give you a full body interval workout to start your day off right.  Increases endurance while toning muscles.

ESSENTRICS- A dynamic, full-body workout suitable for ALL fitness levels and ages, that simultaneously combines stretching and strengthening. This class will increase flexibility and mobility for a healthy, toned and pain-free body.

ESSENTRICS FOREVER PAINLESS- This is an age-reversing workout that will restore movement in joints, add flexibility in muscles, relieve pain and increase vibrancy.A slower-paced workout than the traditional Essentrics class, attendees should wear comfortable clothing, bring a mat, a towel (for possible support), and a bottle of water.

ESCAPE CIRCUIT TRAINING- This circuit-style class incorporates cardio and strength, while utilizing the escape piece in the fitness center.

ESCAPE YOUR LIMITS- This 30 minute circuit/tabata style workout uses the Escape piece on the fitness floor. It includes a wide range of exercises, from lower body, upper body and core, with a mix of strength and conditioning.  For intermediate and advanced populations.

KUNDALINI YOGA PRIMER- This is recommended to attend prior to taking a Kundalini Yoga class, as it introduces the basics and explains the background of the Kundalini Yoga practices.

KUNDALINI YOGA- This is an ancient technology and science which makes perfect sense in the 21st Century.  It strengthens and balances our nervous and glandular energies, reduces stress, & increases our mind-body fitness. Kundalini Yoga is for everyone. It is fun for the beginner and for the experienced yogi. Most of all, it is an exhilarating exercise uniting body, mind and soul.

KETTLE BELL- A mix of cardiovascular and strength training with the use of kettle bells- suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

LAW POWER TONE– Start your day with this total body workout.  Sets of strengthening and toning exercises mixed with bursts of cardio will give you an effective workout to help you tone your muscles, boost metabolism and continue to burn calories all day long.  Never do the same class twice- format changes every week.  Appropriate for all fitness levels as all exercises can be modified or amplified.

MINDFUL PILATES– Engage your mind while intentionally becoming aware of your breathing, concentration and posture. Use the classical pilates method to activate your core through mixed level exercises.  Create elongated muscles, body alignment and increased relaxation.

PILATES ON THE BALL- (Previous Pilates experience recommended) Build on your knowledge of Pilates exercises in new and fun ways. Challenge your stability and core muscles, increase your strength with large exercise balls, and relax with stretching and breathing.

POUND- This exhilarating full-body workout combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Using lightly weighted drumsticks designed specifically for exercising, POUND transforms drumming into an incredibly effective and fun way of working out. Designed for all fitness levels and appeals to all ages and abilities.

PUMP IT UP STRENGTH CIRCUIT- This full body strength-based class will focus on building, sculpting and defining your muscles. We will use a variety of equipment on the gym floor including TRX, Kettle bells, resistance bands and dumbbells. All levels are welcome.

SILVER SNEAKERS STABILITY– A new class for older adults that incorporates exercises to improve balance, flexibility, gait training and stability in a safe, fun environment.  In this 30 minute class, the instructor will guide you through a series of exercises in and out of the chair.  All levels welcome. 

SILVER SNEAKERS CLASSIC– Provides a well rounded workout for older adults by incorporating exercises to improve strength and flexibility as well as skills for fall prevention and functional movement patterns. The instructor will guide you through a series of exercises in and out of the chair.  All levels welcome  

STRENGTH & RESISTANCE- A one hour high intensity strength training class designed to work your entire body. Half of the class will teach strength training using kettlebells while the other half of the class will rely on the use of resistance bands and body weight to give you a workout that will strengthen your entire body.This class is perfect for anyone, whether you’re new to strength training or looking for the ideal supplement to your existing routine.

SUSPENSION TRAINING- A combination of the TRX movements as well as a focus on core strength movements.

TABATA BOOT CAMP- Get ready for a fun, upbeat workout that uses a combination of bodyweight exercises and the escape piece to work strength, core, and cardio.This Tabata style will use high intensity intervals to maximize your burn and boost your metabolism.

TONE CENTRAL- This intense 30 minute class takes place in the Fitness Center and features a variety of circuit stations using the cardio equipment, dumbbells, and other modalities in an effort to achieve a toned, athletic physique.

TRX BODY POWER- Ready to challenge your body with this 30 minute suspension training workout? TRX uses your body weight and gravity to improve on strength, cardio, flexibility and balance, while engaging all of your muscles. The exercises are provided and you decide your own intensity. All fitness levels are welcome.

VINYASA “FLOW” YOGA- This class is geared for practiced yogis and beginners alike, with modifications as needed.The Ujjayi breath is used to connect breath to movement at a moderate pace, with some holding, in which students will build mindfulness, strength and skill in alignment and breath work.

WEEKEND BURN-OFF BOOT CAMP- This class is designed to get your beach body ready. An intense 1 hour class that will mix running intervals with 12 different weight training stations, each one targeting a different muscle group.This class was not designed for beginners but for those individuals that love a challenge and are ready for the next step.

YOGA- Achieve the body, breath and mind union of yoga. Learn postures and stretches from various styles of yoga, breathing techniques, visualization, relaxation and the start of meditation.

ZUMBA- Dance to great music and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it. Zumba is an international Latin inspired dance party that’s moving millions around the world. Grab a friend and join this class for the perfect combination of fun and fitness!