Invited guests are encouraged to join our Board of Directors, the Honoring our Legacy Committee, and the 2023 Celebrate the Center Host Committee, as we recognize the invaluable contributions of our honorees:

“Honoring our Legacy” Champagne Reception
Friday, September 22, from 6 – 7pm
Immediately preceding Celebrate the Center – The Center Shines On! from 7 – 10pm
Lauri Ann West Community Center, 1220 Powers Run Road, O’Hara Township, 15238
Complimentary Valet Parking Available

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With honorary programs in their names, we gratefully acknowledge two women who started it all in 1983, determined to build community for our children, families, and seniors, leaving an enduring legacy for generations to enjoy.

The Sue Golier Memorial Speaker Series

The fund will support our 2024 bi-monthly event drawing in distinguished speakers from across the region, to inspire and inform our community.

The Gretchen Montgomery Children’s Scholarship Fund

This fund will offset the fee to participate in our After School Arts and Enrichment Program and Summer Camps for families in our community demonstrating financial need.

Donate to our General Celebrate the Center Fund

Proceeds from the event will ensure continued excellent and accessible programs and classes for members and guests:

• Supplies for children’s programs
• SilverSneakers no-cost gym membership for seniors
• Hiring and retention of expert instructors & staff
• Facility upkeep and maintenance

The Community Center and Library Association 1983 – 2010 Legacy Plaque will acknowledge the hundreds of early supporters and feature the names of 40 community leaders, employees, partners, and volunteers, whose exceptional vision and determination supported our organization.

Shelley Bitzer
Bill Boag
Borough of Fox Chapel
John Brasso
Robert Converse, Jr.*
Countryside Garden Club
Bobbie Cubbage
Sharon Drake*
Stephanie Flom
Fox Chapel Area School District
Fox Chapel Garden Club
Friends of the Lauri Ann West Memorial Library
Bob Goehring
James Goldman*

Sue Golier*
Louis Greulich*
Bill Hakanson*
Jane Hanna*
Ted Hebditch*
Susan Herald
Julie Jakubec
Just for Kids Pre-School
Rick Kalson
Verne Koch
Monica Kunkel
Jean Lauer
Lynne Townsend*
Harry McLaughlin, Jr.*

Elaine Mitsch
Gretchen Montgomery*
Nathan Parker, Jr.
Jean Pascarella*
Louise Schneider-Bolton
Robert John Smith
Stage Right Theater
Joseph Succop II*
Dan Taylor*
The Boyd Bunch
The West Family*
Township of O’Hara
Huck Vogel
Joanne Welsh*

The Community Center Association 2010 – Present Board Presidents Plaque will acknowledge guidance, advocacy, generosity and enthusiasm of our board of directors, and honor the leadership of board presidents since 2010.

Suzanne Alexander
Enzo Santilli
Kirsten Powell

2010 – 2011
2012 – 2016
2016 – 2019

Judy Hannon
Terry Dunlap
Sandy Garcia-Tunon

2019 – 2022
2022 –

The “Our Chairs Rock!” Etched Garden Stones will be placed on the Scott Family Patio, engraved with the names of our indomitable volunteers who have chaired the annual Celebrate The Center and other community-building efforts.

Angela Kamin
Annie Engel, Wendy Todd
Joanna Flanagan, Julie Rost
Allison Bonidy, Heather Delaney, Maureen Oehrle
Dani Folino, Dana Hanna
Joanna Flanagan, Kirsten Powell, Julie Rost
Tiffany Buchanan, Erin Franklin, Kirsten Powell


Tiffany Buchanan, Erin Franklin
Dana Rofey
Gabrielle Ferry, Cate Mettenburg
Sarah Blask, Julia Carlson, Gabrielle Ferry
Suzanne Alexander, Amanda Carvelli, Libby Ernharth
Elaine Mitsch – ‘Intrepid and Devoted Events Manager’
Katie Vautrain – ‘Faithful Gardener’

2021 & 2022

With thanks, the Lauri Ann West Community Center also gratefully acknowledges individuals who have uniquely and consistently supported the vision, operation, and impact of our organization, with generosity of spirit and without expectation of future recognition:

                                                                                   • Robert John Smith                                        • Jane Siddons Herrmann