The Lauri Ann West Community Center believes that everyone, regardless of age, income, or background should have the opportunity to learn, grow, and be healthy. Through generous contributions made by our members and community, we can provide financial assistance so that everyone can have access to their Community Center. With the support of our board, we are happy to provide these opportunities to nurture children, improve community health, and support the well-being of those in need.

Please note that scholarships apply to memberships, programming, in house summer camps and A&E. Scholarships cannot be applied to personal training or specialty summer camps.

Eligibility and Guidelines:

  1. Scholarship will be granted based on demonstrated financial need. The family income guidelines used by the Lauri Ann West Community Center will be used as initial eligibility criteria. Click here to view these guidelines.
  2. The Lauri Ann West Community Center believes a strong sense of ownership and pride is developed if the scholarship recipient contributes to the cost of their Community Center involvement; therefore, applicants will be asked to pay a portion of the membership or program fee.
  3. If you qualify for assistance, your award will be valid for 12 months once you initiate your membership. Prior to the Financial Assistance expiration date, we will send you a reminder requesting updated documentation in order to reapply for continued assistance.

Selection Process:

Scholarship eligibility will be determined by the Lauri Ann West Community Center staff, based on a review of the information form. Once an applicant is accepted, they must complete the standard Community Center membership application or program forms.

How to Apply:

Click here for the confidential application for financial assistance.

The form with the required paperwork may be submitted:

  • In-person at our welcome desk
  • Mailed to:
    HR & Administrative Services Manager
    Lauri Ann West Community Center
    1220 Powers Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
  • Emailed to: