Personal Training

Whether you’re training for a sport or upcoming event, trying to lose weight or looking to build muscle – we have a package and trainer right for you!

Packages start at 4, 8, 12 and 18 sessions depending on how often each week you want to train, and range from 8-28 weeks. We tailor packages for each individuals needs and goals. You can train individually. Group training is also an available for those who wish to bring a friend.

To help you get started today, we offer all fitness members one free 30 minute personal training session or equipment orientation. Stop by at the Center Welcome Desk or call Cassie Conti at 412-828-8566 ( to schedule your free session/orientation. She’ll be happy to talk to you about your fitness goals and find a trainer to best fit you.


4 sessions x 30 – $170
8 sessions x 30 – $320
12 sessions x 30 – $460
18 sessions x 30 – $630

4 sessions x 60 – $250
8 sessions x 60 – $480
12 sessions x 60 – $700
18 sessions x 60 – $990

4 sessions x 30 – $150
8 sessions x 30 – $280
12 sessions x 30 – $390
18 sessions x 30 – $540

4 sessions x 60 – $230
8 sessions x 60 – $440
12 sessions x 60 – $630
18 sessions x 60 – $900

Our Trainers


Cassie grew up in a small town, and until she could drive, she used rollerblades, her bike, or just her legs to get around. (Sometimes she’d cheat and have her dog pull her along.) She has been a professional in the fitness world for over 10 years, specializing in form correction. In addition, she’s a trained massage therapist, nurse and has military experience, having enlisted at the age of 17. As a mother of four, she knows how busy life can get, but how important self care is. No goal is too small, especially when it’s to make every day a little stronger. Aside from being at the gym, she loves to draw, read and coach cross country at the middle school. She holds a group fitness certification through AFAA and CPT certification through NASM.


Jen started teaching group fitness classes in 2016 and added a personal trainer certification in 2022. Fitness and exercise have been important parts of Jen’s life since age 5, when she took her first dance class and signed up for T-Ball with her brothers. As a mom of two boys: one very active and one living with special needs, Jen is a firm believer in the many benefits of exercise for individuals of all ages and abilities. Not only can you get stronger and improve how you function in daily life, but you can improve your mental health and reduce stress as well. She wants you to enjoy your time in the gym so that you can be comfortable walking in and confident walking out each day. She knows every body is different and prioritizes your safety while you work to reach your goals. Jen is a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA, a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through AFAA and a Certified Spin Instructor through Mad Dogg Athletics.


Jody is an ACE certified personal trainer, and was the kid who hated P.E. class through all of her years in school. It wasn’t until her first year post college and while working as an art teacher that she signed up for a weightlifting class on a whim. She loved it so much that she got certified to teach it and has been passionate about all things fitness ever since. After focusing on distance running and racing for many years, Jody fell in love with indoor cycling and became a certified instructor in 2019. Aside from the gym, she enjoys being a busy mom of three, art, and going for long walks and runs with her dog. Jody aims to share her enjoyment of exercise with her clients, and to make everyone feel like they have a place at the gym!


Michael has worked as an assistant strength and conditioning coach, online lifestyle coach, and group exercise instructor. He is certified as a Personal Trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine and has been training for approximately two years. He received his Master’s in Exercise Physiology from the University of Pittsburgh in August of 2020. His passion is to get people up and moving. Proper form, safe progression, and resilience are a few words to describe the core of his training philosophy. He believes that training should be used to improve longevity and make one strong for life. His hobbies include hiking, bouldering, fly fishing, and taking his dog for walks.


Zach is a NASM certified personal trainer whose passion for fitness started in college when he was inspired to run a marathon after watching the movie “Run Fatboy Run.” After completing many 5ks and 10ks, he shifted his focus over to strength and conditioning training. After working on his personal fitness journey, he decided he wanted to help others learn how to realize their fitness goals and became a personal trainer in 2020. Zach specializes in cardio, strength, conditioning, flexibility and mobility. In his free time he enjoys reading, watching bad movies, making people point and laugh at him on stage, and collecting vinyl.


Originally from Rochester, NY, Amy graduated from Edinboro University with her bachelors degree in Criminal Justice followed by her Masters degree from Duquesne University. Amy has been a Probation Officer in the high impact unit with Allegheny County for close to twenty years. Amy has been a group fitness instructor, certified through AFAA, and spin instructor, certified through Mad Dogg Athletics, since 2019. In 2023 she received her personal trainer certification through ISSA. Amy believes that fitness and exercise are so important in everyone’s daily life. She has seen the long term benefits of fitness and exercise watching her father battle Parkinson’s Disease since 2007. Her father continues to motivate her as she watches him continue to exercise to help slow the progression of the disease.


Rachael has been a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant since 2009 and personal trainer since 2020 with a NASM certification. Her love for fitness developed while working out with her mom as a 12 year old to Bodies In Motion with Gilad on ESPN. Rachael has worked with ages 8-100 and enjoys creating fun, challenging and motivating programs leaving her clients wanting to come back for more. Her goal is for every client to leave her sessions feeling positive, confident and accomplished. Rachael’s other loves outside of the gym include her husband and twin daughters, taking walks with her corgi, mountain biking, thrifting and taking care of the environment.


Theresa Wright has been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor in Pittsburgh for more than 12 years. Her passion for health and fitness started while playing volleyball in college at Mississippi State University. Theresa‘s clients are the reason she is always striving to develop fun, motivating and effective workouts that are safe and functional at an individual level, as well as for group classes. Her training and experience over the years has helped Theresa to grow and develop as a trainer/ instructor and give her clients the best possible workouts that fit their needs and abilities. Hard work, consistency and fun are keys to success.