Annual Reports

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Larry and Susan Adams
Elizabeth Allen
David Allerton
Eric and Maureen Anderson
Julian and Chris Asenjo
Chester and Mary Louise Babst
Kyle and Courtney Balliet
Scott and Corina Barnett
David and Susan Bartlett
Joe and Linda Bartolacci Sr.
John K. Beeson, Jr.
David and Christine Bennett
Khai Dinh and Dana Berger
William and Deborah Berner
Rose Bienkowski
Angel and Maria Bilbao
Tracy and Lisa Biondi
Bittner King Dental
Jordan and Sarah Blask
Maryrose B. Block
Joe and Allison Bonidy
Borough of Aspinwall
Drake and Rosemary Bosler
Joshua and Rebecca Brown
David and Deborah Buchman
Ann Buechli
Gail Burke
The Burke Foundations
Joyce Bussler
Ronald and Geraldine Butera
Frank Calandra, Jr.
Joe and Brenda Calihan
Donald and Gloria Casey
Sean and Patty Casey
Catherine & Mark Loevner Family Foundation
Mary Champlain
Kevin Carl and Nadine Champsi
Jane Charlton
Chip Ganassi Racing Teams Inc.
Ed Chu
Alan and Susan Citron
Patricia Clark
Patricia Claus
Corinne Cline
Jonathan and Julie Colton
Alex and Tonja Condron
Karen Connor
Jaqi Conomikes
Robert and Mary Ann Cooper
Kathy Counihan
Kevin and Karen Craig Brubaker
Diana Cravotta
Chip and Michel Crawford
Kathleen Crock
John and Laurie Culbertson
Arlene Cullen
Heather Cullinan
Marybeth Dadd
Harry Stump and Patricia Dalby
Laurie and Philip Davidson
John and Bitsy Davis
Heather Delaney
Dan and Mary Delaney
Jack and Nancy Delaney
Delaney Automotive Group
Joe and Joyce Deluca
Kathy Demetri
Diane Demmler
Jack and Cathy Demos
Ryan and Bonnie DeMotte
Kelley and John Denny
Anthony DePasquale
Jim and Christine Dockey
Constance Donnelly
Donnelly-Boland & Associates

The Double Eagle Foundation
Douds Furniture
W. Cleland Dowler
James and Sharon Drake
Speros Drelles
Mark and Giselle Dudek
Frederick C. Duffy
George and Susanne Dull
Terry and Mary Jo Dunlap
Sheila England
Byron Falchetti
Michael Fazzini
Feeney Agency
W. Keith and Lisa Fenton
Robert and Laura Ferris
Gabrielle and Rich Ferry
Michael and Joanna Flanagan
Lois Folino
Val and Nicole Fouron
Tom and Kathleen Freyvogel
Friday Marketing Group Inc.
Fronstream SPV LLC
Frank B. Fuhrer III
Jill Fusaro
James and Anna Futrell
Mark Gellar and Marie Ganott
Alvaro and Sandy Garcia-Tunon
Diane Gerlach
David Giovannitti Sr.
Craig Jahnke and Sharon Goldstein
Robert and Sue Golier
Carole Gonzalez
Leslie Graciano
Dorothy Hagan
Eric and Brianna Hager
Walt and Margarita Halasowski
D.J. Hammerschmidt
Michael and Judy Hannon
Sean and Emily Hannon
Robert and Marily Harbage
Janice Harrison
Gary and Suzanne Heitzenroder
Florence Henderson
Clifford and Jean Hendry
Jane Siddons Herrmann
James Higgins
Edward and Samantha Hirshberg
Arlene Houston
Howard Hanna Fox Chapel
Huntington Bank
Dr. Gil and Francis Hurite
Meg Huwar
Robert and Lisa Hyland
George and Sarah Jane Inglis
Bruce and Angela Jacobs
Bob and Celeste Janosko
JMLinton & Associates, Inc.
Bill and Margot Johnjulio
Sarah and Craig Jones
Randall and Jan Kahler
Bud and Jane Kahn
Donald Kamerer
Robert and Betsy Kampmeinert
Ranjeet Mullick and Tania Kannadan
Chester Karas
Dr. Barry Kart
Sunder and Vandan Kekre
Adria Kelleher
Louise Keller
Dennis Kelly
Beth Wainwright and Russ Kemerer
Chip Burke and Carole King
Ron and Anne King
Erich and Trish Klatt
Paula G. Klein
Chris and Carrie Kline

Norman Koehler
Kevin Kuan
Dan and Laurie Kwiatkowski
Henrik and PJ Lagerquist
Jerome and Leah Lang
Jason and Margery Lange
William and Barbara Lenz
Steve and Sara Leone
Donald and JoAnne Lightner
Sanford and Susan Littwin
Joseph Lombardi
David and Margo Lyle
Iain Matthews and Victoria MacLaren
Richard Madden
Betsy Magovern
Dan and Heidi Magrish
Mary Ellen Maher
Thomas Maher
Daniel and Judith Mainiero
Robert Maloney
Jan and Amy Marks
Trey Marshall
James and Jennifer Martin
David Matthews
Michael Scheier and Karen Matthews
Lorrain Matz
Mary McCormick
Sean and Marcy McGovern
Alan and Marilyn Mcivor
Edward McKenna
Mary Ann McKnight
Alexandra McLaughlin
Ginny Merchant
Betty Merti
Joe and Cate Mettenburg
Ann Meyer
Louise Meyer
Susan Mihm
Janet Milan
John Milan
The Milton G. Hulme Charitable Foundation
Ricardo and Blima Mitre
Donna Morosky
Tanya Morrow
Jordan and Marla Moskal
Rebecca Mousseau
Pat and Maggie Mulhern
Edward and Kathryn Muller
Nick and Rebecca Muller
Mary Kay Nail
Jon Nevin Moore
Robert and Deborah Nichols
John Oehrle
Scott and Maureen Oehrle
Nadine Ostrowski
Shamus and Rachel Petrucelli
Ellen Philips
Janice Phillips
Shirley Phillis
Rick and Cathy Pieper
Francis and Michelle Pipak
Stephen and Barbara Piskor
Pittsburgh North Optimist Foundation
Sima Pokrovskaia
Susan Portnoy
Douglas and Karin Potoka
Colin and Kirsten Powell
John and Kimberly Power
Primanti Brothers
Print Tech of Western PA
Fran Pugliese
Kevin and Emily Rabbitt
Craig and Heather Ream
Scott and Anne Reid
Karen Reinecke
Jeffrey and Jamie Rhoades

Timothy and Valerie Rice
Connie Richless
Joseph Robinson
The Rockwell Foundation
Adam Golomb and Dana Rofey
Jim and Sharon Rohr
Kevin and Lisa Romango
Richard and Jennifer Romero
Lita Rothenberg
Mark and Rhonda Rothert
Karl and Laura Sauereisen
Eric and Rene Sauereisen
Donna Schano
Kevin and Melissa Scheffler
Marc and Marjorie Schermer
Kenneth Scholtz
Alex and Cris Scott
Betsy Seiders
Edward A. Seifert
Pushpendra Senan
Ed Seserko
Anne Shearon
Dr. Sheptak
Ed and Kim Siddons
Richard Sikon
Simpson & McCrady LLC
George and Ivanete Siple
John and Susan Skowron
Smiles by Smith Orthodontics
Bob and Maria Smith
Ryan and Shannon Smith
Allen and Maryann Snyder
Michael and Amy Srodes
Judy Stafford
Steve and Sheila Stagnitta
Lloyd and Mary Margaret Stamy
Rob and Erin Stauffer
Bill and Susie Steiner
Dan and Daniele Stern
Robert Stiffler
Joseph and Regina Stiger
Carol Stonis
Valentina Stoyanovska
Adam and Lauren Sufrin
Michael and Judith Sullivan
Stephen and Jodi Susnak
Debbie Tan
Linda Thier
Tom and Donna Timcho
William Tinkey
Tower Auto Sales Inc.
Andrew and Susan Trageser
Matthew and Elissa Tunno
Steve and Kathryn Vautrain
Keith and Beth Vukmir
Brian and Shannon Vukmir
Robert and Trudy Ward
Dr. Edmond C. Watters
Erika Weaver
Jason and Anya Webb
Danielle Weber
George and Donna Wehrle
David Weinstein
Eric Cooper and Naomi Weisberg
Harvey Murray Weissman
Travis and Melanie Wellner
Timothy Slavish and Ann Welsh
Robert Wickerham
Beth Williams
William and Patricia Williamson
Lori Wittig
Craig and Sally Wolfanger
Thomas and Maryann Wood
Al and Kathleen Yarzebinski
Michael and Jennifer Zampogna
Rob and Jean Zellers
Wendie Zimmerman