Welcome to the information page for Pickleball at the Lauri Ann West Community Center.

Here you will find news and information for Pickleball at the Center.

Updated 10/29/18

Pickleball hours on our Dunlap Court:

Mondays 8AM-11AM and 12PM-2PM

Wednesdays 11AM-1PM.  Pickleball League: 1:30PM-3PM

Fridays 9AM-1PM

Saturdays 7-9AM

Sundays 10-11AM

News for Pickleball:

Beginning Friday May 18, there will be a change in the play structure and signup parameters for the 9:00am-11:00am session.

Play will be in in the round-robin format. Each court will have five players who will play a total of four games and be paired and oppose each of the other four in their group. Games will be halted after 12 minutes with the pair leading at that time being the winners of the match. As for now, these are just recreational games and no standings will be kept. However, you are allowed to claim bragging rights.

The ladder should take between 75 and 90 minutes to complete. Signup (via MINDBODY or by calling the Center’s welcome desk) is limited to 15 people. Since there are no standings, there may be opportunities for additional players to step in for those who have to leave early or are tired. Otherwise, open recreational play wil begin when the round-robins are over and continue until 1:00PM. There is no need to pre-register for the 11:00-1:00 time slot.

This change is being made to reduce the logjam during the first session on Friday and give certainty in the amount of play for those registered. The ladder groups will be randomly assigned and not segregated by skill, age, gender or other factors. This is still recreational, what was formerly called “open”,  play.

This format is being introduced by the Pickleball Committee and is an experiment in response to a number of complaints that have been received. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Please email Bruce Stephen (bmichaelstephen@gmail.com) with your input. The committee realizes this may not be the best solution and will monitor its efficacy.