Join us in playing one of the fastest growing sports in America. Along with classes, the Lauri Ann West Community Center offers three types of Pickleball programs to accommodate player preferences, skill levels and assist in organizing games.

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Pickleball Programs

Round Robin (max. 15 per session)

Registration: Available through the Mindbody App two days in advance for members. (Guests/drop-ins call 412-828-8566.)
Pricing: Free to members. $10 for all other guests.
Begins: Ongoing
Meets: Mondays: 12-2pm, Tuesdays: 12:15-2pm, Wednesdays: 12-2pm, Thursdays: 10am-12pm, Fridays: 11am-12:30pm, Sundays: 9:15-11:15am

(Registration opens 2 days in advance.)

Register through Mindbody

This play is very similar to open play structure. Round Robin provides just enough organization for mixing amongst the group with a winner-stay-and-split system that leads to constant negotiation between each game.

  • Each player is assigned a number using the registration roster printed out by the front desk.
  • Using the round robin sheet corresponding to the number of participants that session, the first games (and byes) are called out. Sheets mix players arbitrarily and space out byes fairly and evenly.
  • Using the timer in the caddy or a cell phone, all three courts play for 12 minutes.
  • When the timer ends, there is a three-minute break.
  • The next game is again dictated by the sheets.

Reserve-a-Court (max 3, one per court)

Registration: Available through the Mindbody App two days in advance for members. ONLY ONE PERSON (A MEMBER) NEEDS TO REGISTER FOR THE ENTIRE GROUP. Choose from one of three spots for your group.
Pricing: Free to members. $10 for all other guests.
Available: Fridays, 12:30-2pm & Saturdays, 1-2pm

(Registration opens 2 days in advance.)

Register through Mindbody
  • Members can reserve a court and bring whomever they want – other members or (paid) guests.
  • Guests are allowed as long as the person reserving the court for the group is a member and present.
  • Walk-ins will not be allowed as all 3 groups of 4 players will have reserved a court.

Open Pickleball

Registration: Check-in at the welcome desk upon arriving.
Pricing: Free to members.
Available: 11:30am-1pm Saturdays.

  • Open play for Lauri Ann West Community Center members. Pre-registration not required. Nets will be setup upon your arrival.

General Policies

  • No show, late cancel, and waitlist policies will remain the same as Group Ex.
    • For example: if there is a waitlist for Round Robin and a member is not present at the start of class, someone on the waitlist will be able to take the open spot.
    • If a member is 5-10 minutes late, they will not be able to join a session just as with group exercise classes.
  • Guests will be permitted to sign-up, but they will also not have access to the Mindbody (registration) app or website booking. They will need to call the center just as with Group Ex classes.
  • For Reserve-a-Court, guests will not be able to hold the slot on Mindbody. That will need to be booked and reserved by a member.
    • Also, a member cannot book a slot and drop off 4 guests to play. They will need to be part of a group. Members are welcome to bring guests as part of the foursome, but a member must be present and be responsible for the fees for guests.

Player Preference Categories

Pickleball players generally fall into one of three preference types:

Social Play – Round Robin play with all skill levels.
Structured Play – For those who do not have the contacts to arrange groups (by skill level) on their own.
Group Structured Play – For those who want to arrange groups themselves by skill level or with family and friends.

Who Can Participate

  • Fitness members
  • SilverSneaker members
  • Guests who pay the $10 drop-in fee. There is no longer a yearly Pickleball membership. Current Pickleball memberships will be honored until expired. There are no renewals. Those members can either become fitness members or pay the drop-in fee.