Join us in playing one of the fastest growing sports in America. Along with programs to teach you how to play, the Lauri Ann West Community Center offers open play pickleball sessions throughout the week to accommodate players.

Pickleball – Open Play (max. 16 per session)

Registration: Available through the Mindbody App two days in advance for members. (Guests/drop-ins call 412-828-8566.)
Pricing: Free to most members. $10 for all other guests.
Begins: Ongoing
Meets: Please refer to calendar on our website

(Registration opens at 6am 2 days in advance effective 1/1/2023.)

Register through Mindbody

Upon arriving, line your paddle up in the stack in the center of the gym.

Games are not timed, but played to 11 points (sudden death; no win by two). When a game ends:

  • Both members of the losing team leave the court and rejoin the end of paddle line.
  • The winning team stays and splits up for the next game, unless one member of the winning team has already played two games in a row, in which case they also leave the court.
  • As a result, after each game either two or three people are leaving the court.
  • The remaining players should signal to the front of the line how many players they need – two or three – and the paddles at the front of the line should be picked up and join that court.
  • Play then restarts on the court.

Other Notes:

  • Unlike round robin, members can choose to leave early or sit out longer without causing disruption to the system by simply not adding their paddle to the stack or waiting awhile before rejoining the end of the line. However, no show, late cancel and waitlist policies will remain the same as group ex; if there is a waitlist and a member is not present at the start of class, someone on the waitlist will be able to take their open spot.
  • To keep play moving, the people on the court are responsible for clearly signaling how many new players they need after a game ends, and the people at the front of the line are responsible for paying attention when summoned. Paddles whose owners are not in the gym will be skipped over.

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General Policies

  • We will continue to require members to sign up via MindBody. We are adjusting the time that registration opens to 6 am two days before the class or session. For example: registration will open at 6 am on Monday for all Wednesday classes/sessions. This aligns more with the time that our building opens for those members who want to call for registration.
  • You can only register for one pickleball session each day. Mondays will have three sessions. If you register for all three you will receive a phone call and you will be asked to choose which session you want. This is to allow as many people the opportunity to play each day.
  • We will be strictly following our no show policy. 
    • 1st No Show: Warning
    • 2nd No Show: Ability to sign up for pickleball or group ex classes is temporarily suspended for 1 week
    • 3rd No Show: Ability to sign up for pickleball or group ex is temporarily suspended for 2 weeks
    • Every no show after the 3rd is another 2 weeks of suspension from reserving a spot.

*What constitutes a no show: Not canceling a booked time slot or class either through the Mind Body app or calling the front desk or canceling within 1 hour of the start time.

  • Our waitlist policy is as follows:
    • If a member on the waitlist shows up early and a member in the class/session is late, that member on the waitlist can take the open spot. If all members on the class list are not present at the start of class, members on the waitlist can take any spots.
    • Mindbody will only send waitlist notifications up until 30 minutes before the class starts (if a spot opens up). This means if there are any late cancellations, Mindbody will not automatically send a notification to anyone on the waitlist.

Player Preference Categories

Pickleball players generally fall into one of three preference types:

Social Play – Open Play with all skill levels.
Structured Play – For those who do not have the contacts to arrange groups (by skill level) on their own.
Group Structured Play – For those who want to arrange groups themselves by skill level or with family and friends.

Who Can Participate

  • Fitness members
  • SilverSneaker Plus or RenewActive Plus members. As of 1/1/2023 SilverSneaker Basic and RenewActive Basic members do not have access to open play pickleball without paying a guest pass fee.
  • Guests who pay the $10 drop-in fee. There is no longer a yearly Pickleball membership. Current Pickleball memberships will be honored until expired. There are no renewals. Those members can either become fitness members or pay the drop-in fee.