Mindbody FAQ

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Reservations are required to attend all group ex classes, including virtual. If you experience any problems registering for a class or have any other questions, please contact our Welcome Desk at 412-828-8566.


How can I make a reservation?
If you have not already made a Mindbody account please follow the instructions here. Once you have made an account you will be able to access the Community Center’s Mindbody schedule. The reservations will be on the schedule and you will book the available time slot you want.

When can I reserve my spot in class?
Registration opens at 6am 2 days in advance of the class.

What if it says waitlist on the schedule?
That means the class is already full but you can add yourself to the waitlist. If someone cancels out of the class, the next person on the waitlist will be added.

Will I be told if I make it off the waitlist?
If you opted in for the text message notifications, Mindbody will send you a text that you made it off the waitlist. You can confirm your spot by texting back Y or if you no longer want the spot N. If you did not opt for text messages, you will receive an email.

Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes, you can cancel your reservation either by calling the Welcome Desk (412-828-8566) or cancelling on the Mindbody app.

What happens if I miss my class?
We have a no-show policy stating that multiple no-shows can result in temporary suspension of signing up for group exercise classes. The first no-show you will receive a warning. The second no-show results in suspension for a week. The third no-show and any subsequent no-shows would each result in a 2-week suspension.

Can I share a Mindbody account with someone else?
No, Mindbody accounts require individual emails and information.

Mindbody App Troubleshooting

Having any problems? Try some of these troubleshooting tips!

  • Allow the app to use your location when using it when it asks – this way it will automatically show gym locations near you.
  • To find the Lauri Ann West Community Center’s schedule, type our name in the search bar on the home page. When it pops up, hit the heart icon and that will save it as one of your favorites. Each time you open the app all you will have to do is hit “favorites” and our schedule will pop up for you.
  • Use your first full name and last name when entering your information. If you use a nickname, Mindbody will not recognize it as the same account and you will get the error message to “call” instead of “book” on the app.
  • If you accidentally skip the confirm email portion of the set-up you can re-do this from the app. On the app, go to “my profile”, (bottom right) click “settings” (gear icon top right), and hit “resend verification email”. Then you will go to your email and click the “verify my email” link in the email from Mindbody.

If you have any other questions or issues please contact our Welcome Desk at 412-828-8566.