Self-Defense for Women

Ages: 18 & up
Begins: Sat., Nov. 5
Meets: Saturdays, 11am-12pm for 6 weeks
$130 ($150 non-members)

What would you do if someone physically got their hands on you? Would you let fear take over and paralyze you? Or, would you FIGHT BACK and survive the encounter? Not knowing what to do in this violation of physical space can lead to fear, paralysis and great suffering. Learn how to fight back and defend yourself against a close range enemy or threat. The key to surviving an encounter is understanding your Position, Attitude, Awareness and Response (PAAR). Once you control these variables, success can be yours.

The class is led by speaker, self-defense combatives expert and Pittsburgh Combat Club founder David Holzer. His mission is to help each student feel safe, strong and in-control.

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