Specialty Camps

Little Medical School

July 25-29: Little Doctor School (ages 5-8) FULL – JOIN WAITLIST
1-4pm • $250 member ($275 non-member)
Inspired learning today- healthy futures tomorrow! Campers will role-play the key responsibilities of a doctor and learn about vital organs in the human body. These future doctors will learn how to use a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and reflex hammer. They will practice administering first aid, learn how pharmacists play a role in administering medications, and more!

June 20-24: Little Wilderness Camp (ages 5-8)
9am-12pm • $250 member ($275 non-member)
Conquer the great outdoors! Campers will role-play emergency situations in the wild and learn how to prepare for natural disasters. These future emergency medics will learn about snake bites, hypothermia, tourniquets, poisonous plants, edible plants, distress signals, forest fires, tornadoes, mosquito bites, and more! ***This camp takes place at O’Hara Park at Shelter 1***

Mad Science Camps

June 13-17: Fizz, Boom, Bang! (ages 5-10)
1-4pm • $215 member ($235 non-member)
Shake up a flask of fun in the lab as a junior chemist! This hands-on and interactive camp is packed solid with cool reactions. Students put on goggles and change liquid to solid and back again. They get to handle laboratory tools, build and break molecules, and pick up some tricks on chemical changes.

July 18-22: Red Hot Robots (ages 5-10) FULL – JOIN WAITLIST
9am-12pm • $225 member ($245 non-member)
A session of fun with amazing robots! Learn about the uses of robots in our world and spend time experimenting with super cool red-hot robots. Discover the science of circuits and how robots use sensors to explore things around them. Use your skills to build your very own working robot to take home with you! (NEW ROBOTS for 2022!) Price includes take home robot.

Performance/Art Camps

June 6-10: O’Ryan the O’Mazings Spectacular Circus Class! (ages 5-8)
1-4pm • $250 member ($275 non-member)
This curriculum was developed during O’Ryan’s 2019 FINE artist residency at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. Focusing on personal identity and self acceptance, this workshop uses the fundamentals of clowning, physical theater, and circus skills to help each child unlock their own unique sense of character. Together, we explore emotions, identity, and problems by becoming a clown for a week, and tackling failure head on. Students learn the basics of clowning, juggling, plate spinning, and improvisational physical theater while having fun, working as a team, and building a discipline of practice. They also get to bring home their props so they can show off their skills at home! Games and exercises teach focus and strength, while helping students to embrace their inner clown, making this workshop a unique and empowering experience for children of all ages.

June 20-24: Wizards and Mystical Creatures (ages 8-12)
1-2:30pm •  $220 member ($240 non-member)
Create cool monsters, cast enchanting spells, and travel to mystical lands with Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media Teaching Artist Joanna Abel. You’ll create dragon costumes, wizard wands, and design a unique book of spells and potions. Paint, draw, sculpt, and have fun playing magical games all week!

June 27-July 1: Gemini Theater (ages 7-11)
1-4pm • $220 member ($240 non-member)
This workshop is designed for kids who want to have a great time “playing” on stage without a focus on a final performance. Using theater games, improvisation activities, voice & diction work, basic movement and short scene work, students will have the opportunity to try their hand at theater performance with a variety of introductory themes. This class will help students develop problem-solving strategies in a fun and creative atmosphere and gives students a chance to explore characters, physicality, and creativity. No prior experience is required- this class is a great opportunity for those who have not been in a theater class in the past. For students with some theater background, this class will help develop skills in quick-thinking, improvisation, and working with a smaller group setting.

July 5-8: Bigfoot Camp (ages 5-10) FULL – JOIN WAITLIST
1-4pm • $120 member ($140 non-member)
Back by popular demand! Can you find Bigfoot? Or a Sasquatch? What about a Yeti? Join us on walks around Lauri Ann West’s grounds in search of these creatures. We’ll learn about different cultures and the lore of these creatures through stories and crafts. We’ve heard it can get pretty squatchy around here!

August 8-12: Little Designer Camp: Printmaking (ages 7-11)
1-4pm • $175 member ($195 non-member)
Calling all fashion designers to this week long printmaking camp! Campers will discover a variety of different printmaking processes and create their very own designs! They will develop their creativity, problem-solving, and decision making skills as they learn the step-by-step process of printmaking. By the end of the week, the now experienced designers will be able to print their own design onto clothing using a silkscreen!

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Camps

Your child will discover the magic and enchantment of different classical ballets alongside a Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre dance instructor. In these camps, young dancers will develop the foundations of ballet technique, engage in thematic arts & crafts, learn the story through movement, and much more. A culminating performance will be held at the end of each week!

June 6-10: PBT: Sleeping Beauty (ages 4-7) FULL – JOIN WAITLIST
9-11am • $195 member ($215 non-member)

July 25-29: PBT: The Nutcracker (ages 4-7) FULL – JOIN WAITLIST
9-11am • $195 member ($215 non-member)

August 8-12: PBT: Fairies in Ballet (ages 4-7)
9-11am • $195 member ($215 non-member)

Volleyball Camps

This camp prepares players for competitive volleyball in school and club seasons. We’ll cover basic skills such as peppering, passing, setting, hitting, ball control and serving. As players improve, they’ll work on game strategy on serve receive, defense, free ball plays, positioning on the court, serve placement and rotations.

July 5-8: Volleyball Camp (grades 5-8)
1-4pm • $150 member ($170 non-member)

July 25-29: Volleyball Camp (grades 5-8)
1-4pm • $185 member ($205 non-member)