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Outdoor group ex classes start Monday, April 12!

We’re moving as much as possible to our patio so that members can feel comfortable taking classes at the Center. Please review the new schedule highlighting outdoor classes and important safety information below. View the updated group ex schedule.


  • If the temperature is at least 50 degrees at the start of class then it will take place outside. 
  • In case of rain: early morning classes will be decided the evening before, all other classes will be decided 30 minutes prior to the start of class. 

Mask Policy

  • Masks must remain on when moving around the building, arriving to and leaving class, or while setting up equipment/bikes. 
  • Per guidance from the CDC and the Allegheny County Health Department, once members are at their designated station or bike they may remove their mask for class. 
  • For indoor group ex classes, masks will continue to be required at all times. 

Social Distancing

  • All bikes and stations will be clearly marked and spaced a minimum of 10 feet apart.
  • Outdoor classes will have a maximum of 17 people for spin and 20 for all other classes to keep everyone safely spaced. 

Virtual Classes

  • All classes will continue to be offered virtually in addition to in-person.


Showers at the Center re-opening Monday, April 12

We know that this is an important part of many people’s routines, so the showers in our locker area will be fully re-opened for fitness members. These areas will be sanitized throughout the day by our staff and by a professional cleaning company each evening. 


Open Gym sessions added

Starting Monday, April 12 we are adding four Open Gym slots. The new schedule will be:

Monday: 3-4pm and 7-8pm *new
Tuesday: 3-4pm and 6-7:30pm
Wednesday: 3-4pm
Thursday: 2-4pm and 7-8pm *new
Friday: 2-3:30pm  and 6:30-8pm
Saturday: 11:45am-1:15pm and 1:30-3pm
Sunday: 11:45am-1:15pm and 1:30-3pm

Reservations are required by calling 412-828-8566Click to view our Open Gym policies


We want to hear from you!

Providing a safe, welcoming experience for our community is our top priority. Please reach out to us any time with comments, questions, or suggestions. Your feedback helps us improve! Call us. Email us.

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