It’s time to start rebuilding our membership to ensure that the Center can thrive for years to come.

This past year has been hard for our community, our members, and our Center. Maybe hardest of all has been that over 40% of our members have canceled due to the pandemic. Member dues make up a large portion of our annual budget, making this loss very difficult to sustain.

We know we can do it, but we need your help!

Refer your friends and neighbors to join the Community Center! When they join, just remind them to provide your name and we will thank you with a Yeti water bottle.

Remind people that we offer scholarships for memberships, camps, and programs. No matter what, it’s important to us that everyone in our community has access to the Center.

Our goal is to welcome 75 new members to the Center

Before the pandemic we had an all time high of 975 member units. Our goal is to build back up to 650 by July 1. With your help, we know we can get there. Please refer your friends and tell your neighbors that they belong here!

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