Trunk-or-Treat at the Center on Saturday, October 30

What is a Trunk-or-Treat?

Participants register in advance to bring their cars to the Center. The drivers and their families decorate their cars for Halloween, sometimes creating elaborate scenes out of their trunks. Then kids walk from vehicle to vehicle, collecting candy the way they would during a normal trick-or-treating outing.

How do I register to bring my car?

Decorate your car/truck/van/SUV, make it as spooky as you can and win a prize! Reach out to Nadine O. at and reserve a spot!

Do I have to register for my kids to trick-or-treat?

No! All of the boos and ghouls in our community are invited to stop by. But are you ready to walk through the scaaaaary haunted parking lot? Do you dare to reach into the mobile monsters to get a treat? Feel free to share our Facebook event or flyer with your friends and neighbors!

Who will be there?

So far, Cooper-Siegel Community Library plus police departments from O’Hara Twp., Indiana Twp., Sharpsburg, and Aspinwall are planning to be there. The more the scarier!

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